What is Absolute Tabletop?

Absolute Tabletop is a collaborative publishing effort involving Matt Click from A Fistful of Dice, Tim and James Kearney from Tabletop Terrors, and Michael Barker from Be a Better Game Master.

Does Absolute Tabletop mean the end of your individual efforts? Will your channels be merging or going away?

NOT AT ALL. Don’t worry – Absolute Tabletop is going to be more content, not less. Our collaboration doesn’t mean an end to our individual efforts in any way. You’ll still see the same content you’ve come to expect from each of our channels. Absolute Tabletop is simply an opportunity for us to collaborate and create awesome content we wouldn’t be capable of on our own – in addition to our own content, not in place of it.

What makes Absolute Tabletop different from other indie publishers?

There are a lot of publishers that do what we do, and we frequently support them. But while they may share the same what and how, what makes Absolute Tabletop different is our why and who. We’re creative minds with a focus on community and a passion for immersive fun, dedicated to connecting tabletop gamers with what matters most – the experience with the people at the gaming table. We spend each day sharpening the tools of our trade by connecting with people like you.

What sort of content does Absolute Tabletop produce?

Absolute Tabletop produces digital and physical supplements for tabletop RPGs. The content mostly originates from our own games; our homebrew worlds of Enchea, Erenoth, and Dragongrin; and our experiences as game masters and players.

Some things we’ll focus on:

  • Practical advice and tested techniques.
  • Unique characters, monsters, magic items, encounters, locations, and adventures.
  • Optional rules, class, and race options.
  • History and lore that you can drop into your own campaigns.

What rules systems will you make supplements for?

Our supplements will be largely system agnostic – concepts that are suitable for use with just about any fantasy RPG out there. Many are fully compatible with the most recent editions of the most popular tabletop roleplaying games.

Do you have a release schedule?

Absolute Tabletop will release a fresh supplement every two weeks. 

Will you only be creating published works?

No. You’ll also see us collaborate on blog posts, videos, and podcasts – and we have plans for future products beyond publishing.

Do you accept freelance submissions?

At this time, Absolute Tabletop is not officially soliciting submissions. But if you have an idea for a supplement or other product you feel particularly passionate about, please feel free to drop us a line at [email protected] with the subject line: Submission. IT IS IMPORTANT THAT YOU DO NOT INCLUDE ANY SPECIFIC DETAILS ABOUT YOUR IDEA IN THIS E-MAIL. Just include a couple words describing what you are writing (i.e., "campaign setting," or "adventure"). Any e-mails containing specific details regarding an idea will have to be deleted. Sorry!