What is Absolute Tabletop?

Absolute Tabletop is a collaborative, independent publishing effort involving Matt Click from A Fistful of Dice, Tim and James Kearney from Tabletop Terrors, and Michael Barker from Be a Better Game Master.

How long have you been publishing RPG products?

We officially launched in September 2015 and since then have published more than a dozen supplements together.

How many people work at Absolute Tabletop?

Just four of us! Michael Barker, Matt Click, James Kearney, and Tim Kearney. We handle virtually everything ourselves in-house: from conceptualization, writing, design, editing, layout, and even web development. For our illustrations and maps, we partner with a talented group of freelance artists.

Do you accept freelance submissions?

At this time, Absolute Tabletop is not officially soliciting or accepting outside written submissions. If you are an artist interested in working with us, please send as an email at absolutetabletop@gmail.com with a few samples of work and your commission rates.