About Us

What is Absolute Tabletop?

Absolute Tabletop is a community-driven, independent tabletop RPG publisher with a passion for the big picture, a devotion to the little details, and a knack for making products you'll actually want to use at your game table. Founded in September of 2015 by four gamer friends, Absolute Tabletop has self-published more than a dozen RPG supplements, funded a successful Kickstarter campaign, organized a small gaming convention, and fostered an online community numbering more than 4,000 gamers. We create products we'd use – versatile, inspirational RPG material from our tabletop to yours. Our books contain practical advice, tried-and-true methods, inspirational tools, rich lore, and easy-to-use techniques for worldbuilding, encounters, adventures, and more.

Who is Absolute Tabletop?

Absolute Tabletop was founded by four friends who met playing RPGs online, and decided to publish collaborative material of their own.

Michael Barker runs the YouTube channel Be a Better Game Master, where he offers practical advice for Game Masters and players alike. He heads up the book line of the same name, creating tomes brimming with useful advice, easy-to-use methods, and creativity-kickstarting tools. Barker lives in New Mexico with his wife, a herd of dogs, and two hairless cats.

Matt Click is the founder of A Fistful of Dice on YouTube. He is a writer, editor, and game designer living in the Pacific Northwest with his wife, two cats, and pit bull. He has written and edited for Microsoft, Fantasy Flight Games, and EN World. He is currently toiling away on Harbinger, a sci-fi/fantasy retooling of 5E.

James Kearney is one half of the dynamic nerdy duo known as Tabletop Terrors, along with his brother, Tim. James makes everything work, from our website, to our email list, and everything in between. He dwells in Florida with his fiancee, and is currently hard at work on our first campaign guide: A Dead Man's Guide to Dragongrin.

Tim Kearney is the other half of Tabletop Terrors, and a jack-of-all-trades game designer/graphic designer/lore master whose dark fantasy world of Dragongrin is currently being turned into our first campaign guide. Tim lives in Florida with his wife and daughter.

Praise for Absolute Tabletop

We strive to make easy-to-use, versatile products that we’d use at our own table. But don’t take our word for it – here’s some testimonials from real customers.

“You can really see the love and care they put into their supplements and products.” – Daniel Johnson

“All of their published material is amazing, and I cannot wait to see what they release next!” – Mark Davis

“All their supplements are everything I enjoy about this hobby.” – Evan Jones

“I have followed their work from the beginning and the quality that started out great has simply gotten better.” – Dave Hubble

“The supplements from this group have shaped my role-playing life over the last couple of years. You won't be disappointed by the depth, quality, and creativity!” – Carol Dunster

“I am astounded by the obvious amount of work put into it and the sheer quality of the writing and illustrations.” – Aaron Brown

Absolute Tabletop Core Values

Community – We foster a community of gamers that is supportive and positive.
Authenticity – We endeavor to be genuine to ourselves and the community.
Simplicity – We work to distill our content to be meaningful and balanced.
Mindfulness – We recognize the nuanced, varied styles of the RPG community.
Drive – We strive consistency, and challenge ourselves to constantly improve.
Appreciation – We cultivate our sense of wonder, and contribute positively.