· By Michael Barker


We love adventure modules. We’ve even written a few ourselves. But we recognize the challenges of using pre-written adventures, and we’ve all struggled to prep using them, sifting through pages and pages of detail to find the real meat.

So we’re working on something new that we think you’ll really dig: Adventure Kits – a new, fast and fluid way to create custom adventures to run at your table. We’ll provide the pieces, you provide the glue – with inspirational roll tables, monstrous encounters, and detailed maps included in each Adventure Kit, you’ll never get the same result twice.

Adventure Kits are designed to be that elusive middle-ground between pre-written adventures and prep-light improvisation. Complete with non-player characters, encounters, locations, and basic, easy-to-use story elements, all presented in a digestible format. Everything you need to run the game quickly, the way you want to run it.

These imaginative toolkits will be ideal for single-session games, and can also be combined and expanded to create endless quests and long-running campaigns for you and your game group. They’re also perfect to drop in the middle of any of your current campaigns by simply switching out a few locations and NPC names.

Here’s just a sampling of what you’ll find in these upcoming Adventure Kits:

  • Robust encounters for all play-styles: combat, puzzles/traps, roleplay, skill challenges, and a climactic final encounter.
  • Unique, detailed locations for use use with encounters, offering virtually endless combinations.
  • An adventure overview providing the major conflicts, coupled with a quest generator for the ultimate customization to your party’s playstyle.
  • A gorgeous full-color map, courtesy of Heroic Maps, illustrating the dangerous locations of your adventure.
  • A versatile cast of non-player characters complete with basic stats and unique personality traits (as well as a roll table to generate NPC secrets).
  • A toolbox brimming with specialized roll tables to fully customize your adventure – endless locations, trappings, monsters, and battles.

Having a standard template for these Adventure Kits will allows us to publish inspiring, usable content from your favorite worlds like Dragongin, Erenoth, Enchea, Kror, Harbinger … and even Ronald Robut.

Oath of the Frozen King

Our first adventure kit is entitled Oath of the Frozen King, set in the frozen tundra of Leeth, in the Dragongrin campaign world. We are currently in the playtesting phase of the product but you can look for Oath of the Frozen King to be released in Quarter 2 of 2017! Below is an excerpt taken directly from Frozen King:

Stay tuned for more information about our upcoming Adventure Kits!