· By Michael Barker


As we prepare to Kickstart our first campaign setting guide, featuring our world of Dragongrin, we want to hear about YOUR world.

We invite you to participate in the #My30DayWorld project, beginning March 20 and running for the duration of our Kickstarter.

Drawing inspiration from the thought-provoking #RPGaDay project that we participate in each year, #My30DayWorld sets out to challenge you to consider one facet of your homebrew world each day, and tell us about it.

You can use any medium you like, from Facebook posts and live videos, YouTube videos, tweets, and anything in between – just be sure to tag your answers with #My30DayWorld so everyone can see it!

Also, we ask that if possible, you include the #My30DayWorld image and question list to not only help our Kickstarter, but also to give more people an opportunity to see the questions and participate!

The #My30DayWorld project officially begins on March 20, 2018, the same day the A Dead Man’s Guide to Dragongrin Kickstarter launches. So look over the questions now, and let the creative juices flow!

We’re excited to see what you come up with!

Click here, or on the image for a full sized version.