· By Michael Barker


If you enjoyed our recent supplement, The Convocation, but want something a little grittier, a little darker than the shiny, truth-and-justice-toting Convokers, then the outlaw subfaction known as the Gray Wings might be more your style. The rules and concepts explained below are intended to be used in tandem with the The Convocation, available now on our storefront.

(Art credit: Robert Crescenzio)

Rogue Convokers

A shadowy reflection of the griffon-riding peacekeepers of Erenoth, the Gray Wings are outlaws who have forsaken their vows and turned to vigilantism in the wake of tragic war and wanton bloodshed. Doubting the competence of the Convocation’s leadership, the Gray Wings have gone rogue and loosely organized themselves in bands of roving custodians, hunting monsters and lending aid to those in need. They wage war against the darkness in their own way, taking it upon themselves to fight evil and tyranny in all of its myriad forms. They are condemned by the leadership of the Convocation, but nevertheless still serve the light of justice and balance – though their lawless methods and penchant for mercenary work to fund their operation are questionable.

Their outpost is secretive, said to be located underground in the wyrmrock badlands of Unserort, far from the prying eyes of the Convocation. If a leader were to be identified, it would likely be Dylrand of Khardun, a one-eyed tiefling Warden and former Exemplar of the Convocation.

Playing a Gray Wing

The Gray Wings have no formal leadership, and do not recognize the authority of the Primes, the Justiciar, or the Synod of the Convocation. Nevertheless, they still maintain the specialized roles of Chaplain, Envoy, and Warden. The Gray Wings work alone or in pairs, specializing in ambushes and espionage more so than traditional Convokers.

While it would be uncommon to see a Gray Wing working alongside a member of the Convocation, a dire enough threat would of course cause them to set aside their differences for the greater good – so running a game featuring both Gray Wings and traditional Convokers could not only work, but also present some interesting roleplay dynamics.

The boons presented below offer further options and customization for those who wish to play a Gray Wing Convoker, and may be selected in addition to the boons for Initiates, Chaplains, Envoys, and Wardens. For instance, a Warden of the Gray Wings who reaches 9th level may select a new boon from the Initiate, Warden, or Gray Wing lists.

Gray Wing Boons

Aggressive Negotiations

You forego the careful diplomacy of the Convocation proper, displaying your true might and power to dissuade violence. You appear larger, the light dims around you, and your voice booms with an unnatural reverb as you speak. Once per day as a bonus action, you may gain advantage on all Intimidate checks for a number of rounds equal to 4 plus your Charisma modifier.

Ambush Predator

You and your griffon are adept at flying and fighting stealthily, descending upon your unsuspecting prey out of the night sky. Your griffon companion gains the ability to take the Hide action. In addition, once per day as a bonus action, you may “go dark,” enveloping yourself in darkness and muffling your movement. You gain advantage on any Stealth checks, as does your griffon if it is within 100 feet of you, for a number of rounds equal to 4 plus your Dexterity modifier.

Reckless Charge

You forego defense and charge your enemies at full-speed, overwhelming them with untempered aggression. Once per day as a reaction, when you move at least 20 feet in a straight line towards a creature, you may gain advantage on your next attack roll against that creature. If the attack hits, that creature immediately drops prone. When using this boon while mounted on your griffon companion, your griffon also receives advantage on their next attack roll against that creature.

Dark Stride

You “blink” across the battlefield, slipping through the fabric of reality and disappearing from sight in a puff of dark smoke, only to reappear almost immediately elsewhere. Once per day as a bonus action, you may cast the misty step spell.

Using Gray Wing Boons

The Gray Wing boons act in an identical fashion to the boons supplied in The Convocation, but they have a different, more shadowy flavor, providing options for those who want a darker, grimmer Convoker experience. They present options for aggressive combat, ambush tactics, and mobility. They are powerful on their own, but even more effective when used in tandem with other boons. A Gray Wing Convoker could use Reckless Charge to overrun an enemy, dealing damage and knocking an enemy prone, following that up with Dark Stride to “blink” to safety and continue the relentless attack. Or, using Dark Stride to teleport 30 feet into the air, plummeting, and using the Warden boon Shatterfall to deal massive damage upon striking the ground. The possibilities are incredibly diverse.

Gray Wing Items

Dark Convoker Ring

Ring, very rare

Upon leaving the Convocation, the broken vows and deserted duties cause the white, marbled bands of the Gray Wings to darken and crack, taking on a ruined appearance. The revery magic within them, however, is still potent, though somewhat warped.

The Dark Convover Rings lose their ability to project voices – a feature the more covert Gray Wings have learned to live without. However, the ability to communicate with other bearers of Convoker rings is greatly enhanced. Instead of a radius of five miles, Gray Wings may communicate with any other creature bearing a Dark Convoker Ring as long as they are on the same plane of existence. Their voice slips through the space between planes, emanating from the other ring like an echoing whisper. This allows the widely dispersed Gray Wings, who are few in number, to coordinate on an unprecedentedly high level.