A Dead Man's Guide to Dragongrin: Character Creation Kit

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This product is composed of portions of our complete campaign setting guide, A Dead Man’s Guide to Dragongrin.   

A Dead Man’s Guide to Dragongrin – Character Creation Kit gives you the core, basic information you’ll need to create a character for the dark realm of Dragongrin. 

This free product includes all of the heritages and cultures in Dragongrin, as well as a quick-start character creation guide, and a world primer. 

In A Dead Man’s Guide to Dragongrin. combining heritage and culture yields a character similar in mechanics and balance to a standard 5e race and subrace. This subsystem is fully compatible with standard 5e backgrounds and character classes. Heritage acts similarly to race, while culture acts similarly to subrace.

Your heritage is your ancestry – the blood running through your veins. The mortals of Dragongrin are humanoid in appearance but wildly diverse in heritage. Your heritage grants you increases to ability scores, as well as traits unique to your race.

Your culture is your origin – the people who raised you, the place you call home. Culture transcends heritage in Dragongrin, as people divided often perish under the steel of the Dismembered Lord and his followers. Most cultures include people from many and varied heritages.

Not included in this free download are more thematic mechanical options for character creation in the complete book A Dead Man’s Guide to Dragongrin. Options that are not in this download, but are featured in the complete book are: 24 brand new subclasses (two for each class) with detailed information on how each class fits into the world, new feats, and new spells – all 100% 5e compatible. Additionally there is a character depth section with traits, flaws, burdens, hopes, trinkets, and a backstory generator. 

For information on the complete book, you can visit:

https://absolutetabletop.com/a-deadmans-guide-to-dragongrin-print (Print book + PDf)

https://absolutetabletop.com/a-deadmans-guide-to-dragongrin-pdf (PDF only)


A Dead Man’s Guide to Dragongrin Character Creation Kit includes:

  • Life in Dragongrin – Discover the dark fantasy world of Dragongrin. Learn the history of the world, meet the important figures, and dive into the lore and culture of this unique realm.
  • Character Creation – Heroes aren’t welcome, but you’ve got what it takes to be the exception. Forge your character using inspiring tables and worldly lore.
  • Heritages and Cultures (5e compatible) – Dive into a new take on 5e’s races and subraces, crafting your own custom character using a multitude of awesome, thematic options. 
  • This product is a digital download.