A One Page RPG of Heroic Critters

Burrows & Briars

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In BURROWS & BRIARS, you play animal adventurers traversing the bramble-choked Thicket.

The myriad creatures of the Thicket dwell in the relative safety of hidden Burrows, and few venture into the perilous briars, prowled by predators and plagued with hazards. But you are a different sort of Critter – an adventurous sort.

With blade and bow and brave friends by your side, traverse the shadowed and thorny trails of the Thicket to deliver mail, escort travelers, and blaze new paths into the perilous unknown.

BURROWS & BRIARS is a one-page RPG featuring simple and fun mechanics for traversing a danger-choked wilderness, including inspirational tools for low-prep Game Masters.

BURROWS & BRIARS is inspired by Red Wall and Mouse Guard.