Adventure Kit: Shadows Over Driftchapel

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Somewhere between pre-written adventure modules and your own simple prep notes, there’s an RPG sweet spot. Adventure Kits from Absolute Tabletop provide versatile, flexible frameworks for roleplaying game adventures. Much like a model kit, some assembly is required. We provide the pieces – all you need is some paint, a little glue, and a steady hand.

Inside this 70-page eldritch tome, you’ll find:

  • A ready-made flintlock fantasy setting ripe for adventure
  • New 5e-compatible mechanics for flintlock weapons and madness
  • Modular adventure elements that fit together seamlessly in any combination
  • Full-color city and world maps
  • Six robust locations with sights, sounds, and sensations
  • Seven challenging encounters, including combats, environmental hazards, traps and puzzles, and climactic boss fights
  • Six non-player characters complete with descriptions and secrets
  • Simplified monster stat blocks with damage scaled to any level
  • A massive toolbox of random generators for loot, monsters, skill challenges, traps, NPCs and much more
  • An in-depth gazetteer for the eldritch-inspired world of Gloam

Shadows Over Driftchapel is a rain-soaked, investigative adventure for a party of any size and skill level, fully compatible with the fifth edition of the world’s oldest fantasy roleplaying game. Select the modular pieces you like, fine-tune to your group’s preferences, and get rolling.

Build fun, limitless adventures quickly and easily with Adventure Kits from Absolute Tabletop! It’s time to prep less and play more.