The Mecha Hack

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Please Note: The Mecha Hack has everything you need to play! This game is based on The Black Hack, but it’s a full, standalone game, and does not require any additional products in order to use.

Suit up with The Mecha Hack!

If you’re a fan of Gundam, Robotech, Pacific Rim, BattleTech, or Transformers, this is the rules-lite robot RPG you’ve been waiting for.

The Mecha Hack is a tabletop roleplaying game of titanic warmachines and their intrepid pilots, made with The Black Hack.

The Mecha Hack is fast, fluid, and fun, with a focus on cinematic, narrative gameplay inspired by anime and other mecha properties. Inside this A5-sized, 40-page book, you’ll find the complete Mecha Hack ruleset; four mecha chassis and four pilot archetypes; over a dozen add-on modules for your unique mecha; GM tools and mission generators; more than 30 enemy statblocks; printable monsters, mechs, and objects; and so much more!

  • Jump into a full, standalone mecha RPG with everything you need to run a variety of missions – from all-out war, to stealthy skirmishes, to base defense, and more.
  • Overcome challenges with a speedy and simple d20 roll-under resolution mechanic.
  • Form-fillable character sheet PDF and printable A-stand paper miniatures included!
  • Includes unit and terrain tokens for use with virtual tabletops like Roll20!
  • Build your own unique mecha by choosing your chassis, pilot, and modules.
  • Customize your mecha with tons of add-on options: weapons, armor, and consumables.
  • Battle more than 30 unique enemies, including hostile mecha, monstrous kaiju, enemy factions, and more.
  • Capture the tone of the super robot genre like never before with simple rules for overheating reactors, supporting allies, and tactical combat with cover and difficult terrain.
  • Prep games in minutes using the robust GM tools with mission generators and sample challenges.
  • Discover the mini-setting of Lodestar Alpha – a war-torn world of the far future.
  • Enjoy gorgeous, thematic art by Brandish Gilhelm of Runehammer Games.

Build your mecha. Form a fireteam. Drop into the combat zone.

It’s time to suit up, pilots.

See The Mecha Hack in action!