· By Michael Barker


UPDATE: Tickets for ATCON 2017 are sold out! See you next year! Please feel free to sign up for the ATCON email list for news about ATCON 2018.

Good AbTabternoon friends,

We’ve decided to have a formal get-together – and you’re invited. We’re happy to announce the inaugural Absolute Tabletop Convention. This will be our first meet-up (and mini-convention) for anyone interested in hanging out and gaming with us in Tacoma, Washington on July 8, 2017.  (You can check out the formal press release here.)

We’re going to gather in the gaming area of Tacoma Games, play some games, and make the kind of memories that last a lifetime – and we want you to be there if you can make it.

The game room that we’re renting has room for 60 people legally (but we’ve been warned that after about 30 people it begins to get a little crowded for gaming). With that in mind, we’re keeping an eye out for the number of attendees, and limiting the number of tickets available to 50.

This will not be a large event with vendors or scores of panels. It’s intended as a small, casual gathering of AbTab community members, offering people the opportunity to meet, game, and have fun.

Tacoma Games is Matt Click’s own FLGS, and it’s right in the heart of Tacoma’s 6th Avenue, with plenty of nearby restaurants and other cool shops to explore.

You’ll be able to pre-order tickets soon, and we’re planning on possibly including a con-exclusive t-shirt (and possibly some other swag). All of that is to-be-decided.

Remember that this entire thing is a moving, fluid project that we’re figuring out as we go, and our goal in all of this is to be certain that we keep you informed. To that end, we’re starting up a separate email list for anyone interested in up-to-the-minute updates and information as it becomes available. You can sign up for that email list here. We will also share updates here on the blog.

Thank you all for being an amazing community who is cool enough to want to hang out with four geeks. We’re honored, and we’ll see you this summer in Tacoma.