· By Michael Barker


An explosion rocks the castle walls, throwing debris into the air. The gates shatter and split, and the orcish horde spills into the courtyard, falling upon the weary guardsmen and hewing them down like blades of grass. The sun sets as the castle towers burn. Only heroes can turn the tide of this battle – and only the game master can make it real for the players.

  • Game-Mastering Advice, Including Four Steps to More Cinematic Battles
  • 17 Battle-Filled Pages
  • 33 Sample Battlefield Events for Use in Your Campaign
  • 12 Sample Battlefield Locations to Inspire Your Next Session
  • Interactive Battle Flowchart
  • Two Battlefield Maps from Barker’s Homebrew World of Enchea
  • Additional Tips, Tricks, and Advice from Tabletop Terrors and A Fistful of Dice!
  • Companion Instructional Video for Those Who Desire a More Visual Approach

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Written by Michael Barker of Be a Better Game Master, this supplement gives the game master the tools and inspiration they need to run sweeping, cinematic large-scale battles using their favorite fantasy roleplaying game. Inside you’ll find pages of practical advice, interactive battle-flow worksheets, tide-turning events to make combats feel visceral and dramatic, and plenty of sample battlefields to get those mental gears turning.

Take up arms – there’s a war to be won!

This product is a digital download.