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Oath of the Frozen King is the first book in our new Adventure Kit product line. The core concept behind the Adventure Kit is to find an RPG sweet spot somewhere between pre-written adventure modules and your own simple prep notes. We’ve created a versatile, flexible framework for you to build your own adventures quickly and easily while the kit does all of the heavy lifting.

Oath of the Frozen King is the first of many planned Adventure Kits, with future installments slated to be set in other Absolute Tabletop worlds – Enchea, Erenoth, and even Kror to name a few. This inaugural Adventure Kit is set in the frozen region of Leeth in Dragongrin – but it can also be easily adapted to work in your preferred campaign setting.

The Oath of the Frozen King Adventure Kit boasts replay value that is virtually unheard of in a roleplaying game product – designed to let Game Masters choose the pieces they like, and fine-tune to their group’s playstyle. With limitless possibilities for customization, no two instances of Oath of the Frozen King will be the same.

So, what’s included in an Adventure Kit from Absolute Tabletop?

  • Adventure Setting: A brief description of the world, realm, and region.
  • World Primer: The most important tenets of the world that the adventure is set in.
  • Adventure Overview: This top-down view includes high concept details of the lore, tone, and possible conflicts.
  • Map: Each Adventure Kit includes a modular map of the adventuring location for easy reference.
  • Locations: Each area of the adventure includes a flavorful description and applicable mechanics, as well as sights, sounds, and sensations.
  • Encounters: This list of encounters includes roleplay encounters, combats, skill challenges, puzzles and traps, and a climactic encounter.  
  • NPCs: Each Adventure Kit comes packed with a handful of unique and thematic non-player characters.
  • Resolution and Rewards: This section offers some suggested adventure resolutions and ideas for rewards and loot for the adventurers.
  • Toolbox: Modular add-ons and adventure enhancements like mechanics, thematic phrases, set dressing, trinkets and loot, and simple generators for monsters, skill challenges, and traps.

Adventure Kits are designed around the ruleset of fifth edition, but since it’s so thematic and laden with inspiration, it’s also simple to use with your preferred RPG system. Adventure Kits are designed to inspire and innovate your GM style, and Oath of the Frozen King is sure to be a hit at your table, no matter how you decide to use it.

If you’re interested in versatile, open-ended, endless role-playing game content for any playstyle, we invite you to back our Kickstarter, the Adventure Kit: Oath of the Frozen King.

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Still not convinced? Here are some unedited quotes from some of our playtesters:

“The entire Adventure Kit concept is pure imagination fuel. It primes your muse enough to start churning out ideas, but leaves just the right amount of blanks for your creativity to fill in and flourish because of.”

– Jeremy Lilley

“This Adventure Kit is like a puzzle that has multiple combinations and reveals myriad possibilities. You can use this as a turn-key adventure and run it straight out of the book, or you can rearrange the pieces and generate many adventures, each with minimal preparation.”

– Jacob Noorman, Mini Terrain Domain on YouTube

“What makes this Adventure Kit great is the fact that it lets you make the adventure your own. Every run will be different, and pieces can easily be taken out and used later.”

– Marquis Hartiss, A Point of Inspiration

“A versatile tool for novice and veteran game masters alike. Adventure Kits offer a wealth of possibility with instant results.”

– Rob Colleta, Performance Check on YouTube

“I had the privilege of running Oath of the Frozen King twice during the playtest, both as a one shot game and in my home group’s campaign. Both sessions were tons of fun, and what I liked most about the module was that it felt like I was using the content to create my own adventure rather than running an adventure someone else had put together. If you’re a busy DM who wants to offload some of the ‘heavy lifting’ of prep onto a module without giving up creative authority over your group’s story, this will be a great book to have on hand.”

– Alex Brady


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