Be a Better Campaign Master, Book One: Building the World

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The most streamlined worldbuilding sourcebook yet.

From the basic shape of your world, to the warring populations that inhabit it, you are the decider. You will pull the mountains out of the earth and make the raging rivers flow into the vast seas. You will scatter magical forests and arid deserts across the land, separating the cities and villages that you alone will build from the ground up.

  • 127 pages of streamlined content to guide you through the worldbuilding process.
  • More than 1,000 options for unique geographical features, cities, dungeons, caverns, fortresses, and more to flesh out your world map.
  • Make your world map beautiful, using step-by-step drawing tips from Sellsword Maps.
  • Give your world a story, using a variety of interactive processes and tables.
  • Fill out your three-ring binder with 15 pages of useful worksheets.

You’ve been waiting too long to finish your homebrew RPG campaign setting. Now is the time to forge your realm for years to come.

Gather your imagination – there’s a world to be built!