Be a Better Game Master: Inspire the Tavern

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Inspire the Tavern is an engaging, easy to use, pay-what-you-want supplement designed to spur your mind into creative action with the single roll of the polyhedrals – and there’s taverns too!

Use during the game when improvisation calls for an on-the-fly tavern, or spend some time scanning through the roll tables for the perfect story element your game needs. Either way, Inspire the Tavern opens pathways you (and the the group) never knew you wanted to explore.


Roll a single set of polyhedral dice, generating an instant and engaging tavern with over 100 roll table entries for multitudes of combinations of the following:

  • A tavern name and description written for on-the-fly use, including a unique barkeep
  • Intriguing peddlers, tavern games games, bar fights, and mysterious outsiders
  • Quests and occurrences designed to drive the story and spur the party into action
  • Mood and tavern name generators for an instantly immersive environment

Create your next engaging establishment with the roll of the dice, again and again and again.