Adventure Kit: Oath of the Frozen King

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Oath of the Frozen King is the first book in our new Adventure Kit product line. We’ve created a versatile, flexible framework for you to build your own adventures quickly and easily.

The Oath of the Frozen King Adventure Kit boasts replay value that is virtually unheard of in a roleplaying game product – designed to let Game Masters choose the pieces they like, and fine-tune to their group’s playstyle. With limitless possibilities for customization, no two instances of Oath of the Frozen King will be the same.


Somewhere between pre-written adventure modules and your own simple prep notes, there’s an RPG sweet spot. Adventure Kits from Absolute Tabletop provide versatile, flexible frameworks for roleplaying game adventures. Inside an Adventure Kit, you’ll find everything you need to craft endless adventures for your favorite roleplaying game.


  • A ready-made setting ripe for adventure
  • An easy-to-reference adventure overview
  • Full-color maps
  • Modular adventure elements that fit together seamlessly in any combination
  • Six robust locations with sights, sounds, and sensations
  • Seven challenging encounters, including combats, environmental hazards, traps and puzzles, and climactic boss fights
  • Six non-player characters complete with descriptions and secrets
  • Simplified monster stat blocks for easy, fun encounters
  • A massive toolbox of random generators for loot, monsters, skill challenges, traps, NPCs and much more
  • All of this is 5E compatible, and easily altered to fit your favorite roleplaying game system or setting.


Oath of the Frozen King is a frigid, dungeon-delving adventure for adventurers of any number and skill level. Mix and match the pieces you like, fine-tune to your group’s preferences, and get rolling.

Build fun, limitless adventures quickly and easily with Adventure Kits from Absolute Tabletop!