Adventure Kit: The Battle for Arctor's Vault

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The Amelian Orchards of Adrienne Pass, made supernaturally fertile by the arcane powers drawn from ancient relics of war scattered throughout the region, have long fed the surrounding communities of the Crossley League. Now, strange and unpredictable weather patterns manifest throughout the region, the fruit grows tainted by spreading crystalline formations, and the ferocious Variophages conquer and consume the crucial and omnipresent magic. On the verge of starvation, Crossley factions armed with ancient weapons exhumed from ancestral graves prepare to invade the blighted orchards, face the swarms of Variophages head-on, and secure the magical food supply.

Meanwhile, an even larger threat manifests, seeking the cataclysmic arcane powers stored within the enigmatic Arctor’s Vault hidden somewhere in the region.

The battle for the future of Adrienne Pass is about to begin...