A One Page Solo Journaling Game of Departure and Return

Came Back Haunted

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In CAME BACK HAUNTED, you are an agent of a shadowy science division embarking on a strange and sinister journey into the heart of a quarantined wilderness known as Sector 38.

Nearly half a century ago, strange and bewildering phenomena within the woods began spilling outward from Point Alpha (more commonly called the Egress), affecting nearby communities. The area was evacuated, secured, and encircled by the Palisade, a fortification of cement and steel patrolled day and night by armed guards.

Initial response by federal agents, military officials, and scientific experts led to the formation of Sparrowhawk, an agency dedicated to studying, understanding, and containing the paranormal threats posed by Sector 38.

CAME BACK HAUNTED is a one-page solo journaling game about finding – or losing – yourself in an alien wilderness.