Be a Better Weapon Master 2 [PDF]

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More than a sequel – it’s an evolution. Create infinite weapons for your tabletop RPG using Be A Better Weapon Master 2, a completely redesigned, robust, system-agnostic sourcebook containing descriptive weapons, engaging weapon abilities, and hundreds of choice-driven methods and elements to suit your needs as a Game Master.

  • New swords, rapiers, crossbows, axes and more - every section from the original Be a Better Weapon Master, fleshed out with all new detailed and lively weapons
  • New sections include:
    • Fantasy firearms
    • Shields
    • Futuristic Weapons
    • Modern Weapons
  • A massive, new “Methods” section, you can explore page after page of story-driven tables that add depth, breadth, and player-driven inspiration for your campaign.
    • Forge weapon prophecies
    • Generate fabled weaponsmiths
    • Uncover a desolate battlefield strewn with armaments
    • Design deadly poisons and blade treatments
    • Much, much more.
  • A new, robust weapon name generator for weapon names of every style and type

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Be a Better Weapon Master 2 [PDF]

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