Harbinger RPG Beta Rules (PDF)

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The Harbinger Roleplaying Game Beta Rules Have Arrived

Ancient voidships drift across the Known Orbits of the gas giant Bastion. A mancer’s veins glow vivid emerald as she channels volatile space energy. A grime-streaked mechanist, accompanied by her floating spheroids, breaks the centuries-old seal on a rune-etched door. A tireless treader, armed with his heirloom pulser weapon, tracks a beast across the desolate wastes of a fringe moon. The Harbinger, a leviathan alien structure, eclipses the stars.

Discover the grim, weird, and wondrous science-fantasy universe of the Harbinger Roleplaying Game, where peril and glory await venturers dogged enough to journey into the vast, unclaimed void – or into the dark, labyrinthine innards of the Harbinger itself.

Danger and discovery await.

Harbinger is a dark science fantasy roleplaying ruleset and campaign setting currently in development by Absolute Tabletop under the Open Gaming License (OGL) for the fifth edition of the world’s oldest fantasy roleplaying game.

Here’s what you’ll discover inside:

  • Three character classes with dozens of talents
  • Three origins with legacy and background traits
  • Rules differing from standard 5e, including skills, environment conditions, item conditions, weapon properties, damage types, and spellcasting
  • Voidship exploration, combat, and customization
  • Gear and equipment, including pulsers, weapon and armor mods, and powered armor
  • Rules for astracasting with more than 20 unique spells
  • Discover the moon of Dagerad, ripe for exploration
  • Extensive history and lore of the Known Orbits
  • A map detailing the moons of Bastion
  • A sampling of creatures with statblocks