The Battle for Rotspire – Free RPG Day 2018 Encounter


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We’re proud to present our Free RPG Day 2018 offering: The Battle for Rotspire – an encounter featuring twin dueling wizards. Download it here – no login, no fuss. (Feel free to share it around as much as you’d like.)

Thrust your players into the middle of a battle raging between festering undead and mighty constructs as they vie for control of the standing stones that surround the tower of Rotspire! Beware the deadly barrage from wizards Mailk and Thalik as they duel overhead!

Use this robust encounter to:

  • Prep quickly – or run an impromptu session – using its bulleted, modular sections
  • Create an unlimited army of undead and constructs with the monster generator tables
  • Make the battle come alive with hazard tables
  • Keep the danger of the dueling wizards ever present with a table of magical effects
  • Add a dynamic ebb and flow to the battle with our Tide-Turner tables
  • Discover trinkets and loot among the carnage of the battlefield
  • Kick off a campaign – use the table of continued quests to keep the adventure going!

Thank you for your endless support and positivity. We hope you have an amazing Free RPG Day.

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The Battle for Rotspire – Free RPG Day 2018 Encounter

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